If all Real Estate Agents (in NZ) conducted their business as Marc & Wendy do, then the industry in general would be held in much higher regard.
- Angela and Peter Rosewall (5 Calverton Place, Halswell)
About Us


Clients of Marc and Wendy would best describe them as “friendly - yet professional”, knowledgable and passionate. They offer a level of service that has kept them at the top of the real estate industry in Christchurch, with a majority of their listings coming from past clients and referrals.

With a combined experience of over 30 years selling real estate they have developed the skills and sound strategies necessary to get the best for their clients. Having had the opportunity to work with a company that charges 4% commission, they are in the position to say that the service they now provide at a 1.25% commission rate is identical. Total Realty may cut commission but we do not cut our service.

Marc and Wendy are the local Halswell specialists, an area in which they are the dominant real estate agents. 

With over $400 million in sales, Marc and Wendy have the experience necessary to assist any home owner with the sale of their property.

Choose Total Realty because we are the best, not because we are the cheapest.




What You Can Expect From Us

1% commission real estate

30 years combined experience
Honesty and integrity beyond reproach
1% CommissionExcellent work habits
1% CommissionGreat communication
1% CommissionProfessional presentation
1% Commission100% Committment