Tips for Selling Your Property - declutter - repair - clean - stage


As you will see in the advice given by most Realtors, the key to a succesful sale often lies in the hands of the owners. Presentation is so important. It has been said that potential buyers make their decision to purchase your home in the first 30 seconds upon entering. First impression is the key to selling your home fast and for top dollar. The key points are:

  • declutter - make the house appear as spacious as possible
  • de-personalise - remove family photos, etc - this needs to feel like it could be someone else's new home
  • clear all kitchen bench tops of unnecessary items
  • repair - buyers can be put off by unfinished repair/maintenance jobs
  • use neutral colours when painting wherever possible
  • clean - everything well, then clean it again! A sparkling home is a desirable home
  • stage - as if it were a show home – the home will captivate the buyer
  • prepare lighting, we provide mood music and fragrance for open homes
  • also, don't forget to close the toilet seat down!

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