"They are great sellers in the Halswell area, are very easy to deal with and very much on top of their game " - Aaron Kerr
Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you only charge 1% commission when others charge 3.95%?

We believe 1% is a fair commission rate. The company doesn't pay high overheads, we aren't top heavy with management and we don't pay franchise fees. We have eliminated the need to pay a listing agent and a selling agent. We list and sell ourselves, saving you money. See our savings calculator at https://www.totalrealty.co.nz/home/calculator

What can a 3.95% real estate company offer that you cannot?

Let me think for a moment..... oh that's right, nothing! Total Realty offers the same full service as any other company.

How much will I save?

See our savings calculator at https://www.totalrealty.co.nz/home/calculator

Why do you choose to only have 2 offices in Canterbury?

The days of buyers looking in shop windows for properties are long gone thanks to the Internet. Total Realty agents use technology that allows them to work from any location at any time. This allows us to not burdon our clients with unnecessary overheads. We operate from a central office in Christchurch and a satelite office in Rangiora. 

Do you do open homes and viewing by appointment?


Why do people use 3.95% real estate companies and pay them 4 times the commission?

Good question, I have asked myself that question many times. It seems many people still do not realise that they have a choice.  And sometimes it seems to good to be true. This is why we say "don't take our word for it...take a look at what our clients are saying."

How can you make a living earning 1% commission while other agents are charging 4%?

It's quite simple. Total Realty agents are very effective agents. We sell more properties than most other agents. We work full-time not part-time! Dealing with a larger volume of stock we gain a lot more selling experience than the average agent. Ask yourself this: Would you rather have a surgical procedure done by a doctor who does 50 operations per year or by one that does 5 per year ? We have lower overheads and we don't pay franchise fees or many other fees that other companies charge their agents.

I have been told by other high commission companies that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Are your agents fresh off the block?

Quite the contrary. Total Realty only employ experienced real estate professionals with a proven track record. To keep our impeccable reputation intact our company turns down far more agents than we let in.
In the time that Wendy and I have been working at Total Realty we have not seen a single agent leave.

Can you reach as wide an audience as larger companies?

We absolutely can and we do. We use the same media outlets as all real estate companies, both printed media and the Internet.

Is it true that Total Realty use professional photographers for all properties?

100% true. We sell houses, photographers shoot photos. Photos showcase your property and we know that you wouldn't want anything but the best portrayal of your home.

Do you feature properties on TradeMe?

We recognise that Trade Me is number one in property searches and thus we feature ALL Total Realty properties. We are the only company that does.

Does marketing cost extra?

In order to expose your property to the maximum number of potential buyers we do require an investment in some advertising, but our philosophy is to make it as effective as possible for the least cost. Almost every real estate company will require marketing money on top of commission.